Tips on Applying Link Building Services to a New Websites

Applying link building services to a new website requires extra skills as compared to link building old websites. This is because Google and other search engine companies apply extra scrutiny and surveillance on the link building service applied to the new website. Therefore, if you have a new website and want to aggressively market it to top positions on search engines, you will need to be more careful and apply your services with extra skill. The tips below with help you build your website links in the best way.

Ensure Website is Thorough Before Linking

The first step in your link building services is ensuring that the website is thorough and fully functional. Ensure that your website has sufficient and relevant content to impress and add value to your website visitors. Ensure that your website has no broken links as this makes your website look unprofessional. Also ensure that your website has a good layout that makes it easy for your visitors to get the right information fast. You should correctly position your advertisements, your website menus and other site services. If your websites outsources services such as shopping cart or payment services from a third party website, you should ensure that the interfacing is correctly done and tested to ensure that the website is complete. Ensure that all images load correctly and all links are pointing to the right websites and web pages. Doing this improves your chances of getting natural link building from other websites and it will also improve on your search engine ranking.

Have a Website Site Map

Another important aspect you need for your website before seeking external link building services is a site map. A site map enables the search engines to index your website correctly. It also enables the search engines to easily relate the inbound links with the content on your website. Besides having a site map, it is important to place internal links. Have links within your websites targeting the home page and other pages in your website. This is easy and straightforward. When linking to internal pages, also ensure that you use keyword anchored links.

Website Directory

Website directory submission is a safe start for link building a new website. Search engines will not penalize your websites if you register for all related directories since directories are proactive and it is not unnatural to have many directory submissions at a go. Get quality website directories that are related to your niche area. Yahoo directory and Google local are a good place to get started.

Avoid Excessive Link Building in the First 90 Days

Once you have registered in as many quality directories as possible, you will then need to proceed with your link building services. Add external links to your website with moderation. Start out with few links, say like one a day and increase the frequency with time. Putting too many links at once when your website is new will only get your website penalized. In the first 90 days of the website existence, ensure that you have moderate and few links just to get indexed and recognized. Concentrate on links from websites related to your website. Beyond 90 days, you can increase the quantity of your links. However, the links need to be consistent and in a way that looks natural to search engines.

Use a Link Bait to Accelerate Linking

Link baiting is a good link building strategy for new websites. Search engines software are able to detect baits and with a bait, they are lax on their new website scrutiny processes. Therefore, have funny videos, a free download, free services such as calculators or free SMS services, research reports and the like.