Architecture – Building Green Homes And Buildings

Everything is going green from cars to clothes to what we eat and where we vacation. Green buildings are the next step in the crusade for the environment and are no longer restricted to private homes or eccentric designers.

Going green has several benefits for the building owners and for the environment. The only downside for many is construction cost since eco friendly building materials do tend to be slightly more expensive than traditional materials. Most are fine with the increase in prices since it will pay off in the long run with reductions in the price of utilities.

Going green is becoming very popular with over 50,000 such homes being constructed in just the past decade alone. Whole communities devoted to being ecologically friendly are springing up and even professional buildings are joining the cause. At this rate, many experts believe that a majority of new homes and buildings will soon be all green with older structures being converted in an effort to reduce energy costs and consumption.

There are a large number of materials available on the market today that can be used in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings. From the outside, to the inside, savvy builders are implementing new technology and reused materials in a way that benefits the environment. In fact, many cities and states are looking into implementing guidelines requiring new buildings to be more eco-friendly.

There are many companies offering green building materials for the exterior and interior. Before beginning construction it is important to consider a few key points that will help determine what type of eco friendly materials should be used in construction.

With the variety of construction materials some of the materials will not be suitable in every environment. Builders have to take into consideration what it will take to heat and cool buildings during the winter and summer months when energy consumption for homes and offices are higher. If the materials used make it more difficult to keep the home cool then it will still be damaging to the environment even if the material is eco-friendly in itself.

The importance of recycled materials is worth repeating. There are several building materials on the market that are created using recycled content. Concrete, pipes, carpet, all have recycled counterparts. By buying recycled goods, the consumer is helping complete the cycle that reduces landfill waste and strains on the environment.

Of course, it is wise to purchase eco-friendly materials locally when possible. Most do not take transportation cost into consideration when ordering construction materials. Purchasing local materials will cut down the effects of transportation such as gas usage and harmful emissions.

So, what are some specific benefits of building green? These vary in several fields but all have an overreaching benefit. With the reduction of waste and harmful effects that buildings have on the environment, it will improve the quality of life.

Building a green home or building will aid in improving air and water quality which is becoming a major concern for communities the world over. By using recycled materials, these green buildings will help to conserve natural resources that are being rapidly depleted. The overall operating costs of green buildings have proven to be cheaper in the long run then traditional buildings. As more green buildings sprout up, the demand for them grows creating a very healthy trend that is pretty much guaranteed to continue throughout the years.

Starting and Building Your Web Site – The First Steps

Many people are thinking or dreaming about starting and building a web site. It is a low cost way to start a business, compared to a physical format. However it does require some specific skills and know-how to do it right.

In the physical retail business, the important ingredient is location. On the Internet it is information. So in a retail store, people come to you and buy. On the Internet people don’t come to you, they don’t even look for you — they look for the information they need.

So your job as an Internet business marketer is to see that your web site is “found” by those searching for the information that you offer. So, what do you offer? And who are your potential buyers? Are the answers to their questions on your web site?

Since people find their information through keyword searches, the next question to ask is what keywords or phrases do people use to find the information that I would like to give them?

Then, the first thing to do is to check the search engines on the topic of the business you have in mind to start, and get familiar with the return results of the search engines. Click on the pages that come up and see what the competition is offering.

Then do a search of the keywords that would be related to your business on the Google Keyword Tool and analyse if your idea is lucrative enough to go ahead with that business or if you should be looking for another more lucrative niche.

In other words your original idea may have too many competitors to the point of saturation. It would be very difficult for you to break through that competition. For example “internet business” would be one of those. It would cost a lot of money to get into it and fight your way through that enormous maze.

In the same line, broad keyword niches are too large to attempt also. For example “health”, or “fitness” or “diet”, etc. However within these keywords may be some lucrative niches that people are looking for but not getting much result — like “mental health”, “family health” or any other word that would suit your specific niche.

Once you have found your niche, the next thing is to research your domain name. It should be related to your keyword so that your main keyword is included in it and then all other potential related keywords will be your secondary page names.

Once that is done, you need to find a good hosting service provider that offers a full and completely integrated package to start and build your web site from start to finish. This means you should have a service that will give you all the tools to start, build, market and submit your web site to search engines.

Then after this is done, you can begin to build your site and pages. Each page should be built on one of the many keywords you researched as being the most lucrative and most related to your business.

Each page should carry the keyword or phrase through the content, so that search engines will pick up the importance of your page to a search. In other words if your business is about “personal health programs”, then you should emphasize that keyword phrase on your home page, and then include pages with sub-topics keywords — example: personal-health-program dot something, slash heart or personal-health-program dot something, slash blood circulation, etc.

Whether you add dashes between the words or not is something you will have to decide. There are different views on it and there are good reasons sometimes to use dashes, if just for the simple fact that it would be hard to read by the human eye if it was written out all in one long word. So do your research, talk to experts and ask questions on Google searches.

Then in your home page, write about your sites purpose and sub-topics using keywords to pages and linking them together for visitors to click on and read further at the related pages.

The key is to continue writing pages to cover all of the keywords you researched to be the most lucrative, starting with the highest to lowest. If you don’t have a hosting service that includes submitting to search engines automatically, then make sure to submit each page manually.

Then, use every available way to market your web site to the Internet. Here are some of the most important marketing activities:

1. Build a list (most important because the money is in the list). You do this by offering a subscription to some free offers like a free e-course, weekly tips or monthly newsletters.

2. Write articles to e-zine editors. Do a search on the web and pick some appropriate e-zines.

3. You can do some Pay-Per-Click advertising. Go on Google and read the instructions.

4. Do videos and up-load them to U-Tube (again using keywords in your title).

5. Add Google AdSense to your pages. Again go to Google and read how to do that.

6. Get on related forums and participate in the discussions, offering advice, etc.

7. Join some affiliate merchants that offer complementary products where you get a commission on sales.

8. Write your own products (this is where the real money is) and offer it as e-books, e-courses, e-seminars (webinars), tele-seminars, etc.

9. Get some links from outside web sites into your site.

That’s a start. You keep writing and adding pages. Repeat marketing techniques that work best for you and be patient. Depending on how much of a demand your product or service is will dictate how fast your web site will grow./dmh

Earn Good Money by Starting a Quality Link Building Service

One can make a good income with the service of creating a good link building service. This service provides more traffic to your website and with more traffic to your site; you can raise your site’s rank in search engine search results. It is extremely important in being able to promote websites effectively and the more you have the more beneficial to the site. Read on for more information on how to get started to a lucrative income.

There are numerous ways to build links. A few of the best ways are to create and distribute press releases, or you can submit websites to website directories, and even submit articles to article directories. You can use social networking and bookmarking sites to submit details about your site as well. Once you build your reputation webmasters will pay you good money for your services. Discounts on your service can be offered that are temporary or for a limited time only and when posted on the home page of your website, can encourage more business.

Link building skills can be practiced for free by utilizing them to increase traffic for your own websites or those of friends or family. This assists you in developing a guideline of how you would propose to do a link building service for a client. While some will charge a large amount for link building services, they don’t have the quality to back it up. If you are trustworthy and creative you can provide webmasters with the quality services they are searching for.

Moms Stay Home and Write Your Way Through the Recession – Make Money at Home

Imagine yourself staying home without the nagging feeling of money. If you can write you can stay home and make money as you write your way through the recession. Stay home Moms can continue to do that and make money. Imagine maintaining your stay home lifestyle and contributing money to the budget.

Article Directories are a great source. Article Directories publish articles, like the one you’re now reading, to the internet search engines. This article was written by a stay home Mom in her sweats and ponytail. People ask search engines a question and the search engines provide the answers. These answers are very often provided by EzineArticles Directory.

How to Write and Make Money
First visit the directory site getting familiar with their site, procedures and guidelines. These sites provide all the information you need to get started. EzineArticles provides awesome videos which easily guide you through the steps. They also have a great email response team that keeps you up to speed and continually provides with up and coming knowledge as to how to best write online articles.

How to Make Money Writing Articles
As we learned earlier search engines provide people with articles written about the topic of interest. Often people search for products or services. You write articles about these topics and include affiliate links in your resources box portion of the article. People who follow these links to products and sometimes buy the product you’re promoting. You then earn a portion of the purchase price. It’s that easy.

Follow Guidelines
This is a serious profession and yet you can do this as a part-time, full-time or over-time basis. You put in as many hours as you choose. The amount of money you can make is determined by two factors;

1) The amount of knowledge you have.
– This is why it’s vital to learn about the Article Marketing Methods.
– You must know and understand the Article Directory Submission Guidelines.
2) The amount of time you commit to it.
– Time you commit to learning determines your level of skill.
– Skill always improves your earning power.
– The time you spend working builds your writing reputation.
– Time spent increases the number of articles you publish and so your search power.

To get started making the most of your time, think about the things in your life that take up your time. Pick the ones that you don’t really want to do and quit doing it. This will free up the time to start writing your way through the reces