Finding Customers For Home and Small Businesses

Whether we are thinking about starting or have been operating a small and home business one for a period of time; we all confront the challenge of finding enough customers to support our business. All businesses are faced with burden of “spreading the word” in hope of luring the most precious of all commodities, “the customer”. It doesn’t really matter whether a business is home based or “brick and mortar”, each business owner needs to find, court and sell goods or services to “customers” in order grow and prosper.

It may appear that the typical brick and mortar business has the advantage if they are situated in a high traffic area where exposure to people who need their goods or services occurs daily. This benefit becomes evident when someone notices the business signage and visits in search of the solution to their problem; a product or service. The best case scenario in prospecting for customers occurs since traffic is walking in the door qualified lead and potential customer.

Those of us who operate a home business give up the storefront benefit in exchange for others such as low overhead, short commutes, and comfort of working from home. Obviously, this may leave the home business person somewhat “behind the eight ball” in creating and building their customer base. After pondering this dilemma for a time, the light clicks on for many of us and out pops the pencil and eraser and the process to create the customer development plan begins.

Since marketing budgets are usually limited for most home and small businesses, how does one go about starting a customer development plan and not go broke doing it?

The process first begins by considering marketing strategies that may work for our business and identifying the different, low-cost avenues available for advertising. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks and many of them may be utilized at different stages of the plan. Possible marketing and advertising options include:

· word of mouth (via warm market or other advertising);
· direct contact with warm market;
· leads purchase – cold calling;
· direct mail;
· business cards/handouts via canvasing;
· presence at area public events (social clubs, bazaars, fairs, etc.);
· hold informational/promotional event;
· print or broadcast media advertising; and
· Internet network marketing.

Each of these different methods has their strengths and weaknesses as well as optimal times to be used. Some of these approaches fit better into different types of businesses at varying stages of the marketing plan. Another key factor is the marketing and advertising budget your business has established. Remember, in the case of many home based or small businesses; money is tight and the expenditure ends up being negligible.

With so many possibilities, are there any that might be preferred for a given business?

In most instances, the first eight of the nine options listed above are typically associated with traditional network marketing and/or “brick and mortar” businesses. Additionally, a growing number of those same businesses have been moving toward Internet marketing as well.

The home based business owner typically resorts to the least expensive of the options and focuses on word of mouth advertising, warm market prospecting or those options where the expense is low. Many of them are also readily drawn to the Internet (so long as their product/service is easily shipped) due to the countless number of surfers present 24/7/365 on the “Web”. There are also a great number of free or low cost options that can be utilized to help establish a web presence including blogs, social networking sites, free website, social bookmarking sites, etc.

The thought of utilizing the internet to prospect highly qualified leads dates back over a decade for many home and small business owners. The problem has been making it happen.

Even with an audience that appears to be nearly infinite, however, most businesses still people struggle with luring customers from the “Web”. Though many people consider the Internet a viable marketing option most are not familiar with the different venues available; they’re inexperienced at creating websites; or don’t know the best approach in marketing on the Internet.

Beyond the lack of experience in creating websites, there is also a tendency for most independent entrepreneurs to be novices in driving qualified traffic to their sites once they are established. As a matter of fact, these were exactly the problems I encountered when researching internet marketing options for a product and service business during its launch. So here we are concluding that Internet marketing is likely one of our best avenues to prospect and identify future customers only to be left hanging over a cliff?

In reality the Internet never really took anything away from us. Most of the obstacles really relate to a couple of under-developed skill factors many possess:

1) Not enough knowledge to create sites and establish an internet presence and 2) Uncertainty in how to effectively market our “WWW” presence.

Is this really a problem? This is, after all, the same system that delivered us Google, Yahoo, Ask, and a whole host of other search engines.

Part of the plan should involve the obtaining the education and background needed to accomplish both the development of optimal marketing strategies and learning the technical side of establishing a web presence. A plethora of information and tools exist on the Web such as free or low-cost training websites like Renegade University or My Private Classroom for Marketers.

Work At Home and Build a Fortune – Three Highly Effective Ingredients For Any Home Business

There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.

–Henry Ford

Too often we are reminded of the staggering failure rate of those who start a home business, and attempt to answer the cry of their entrepreneurial spirit, as it raises it’s voice in a beckoning cry to be heard. The discouraging statistics are big enough to cause many who desire to work from home, to quickly change their course and retreat back to the dreadful rat race we call Corporate America. But, have you ever considered, just like anything else, there is a correct and incorrect way to operate a home business? If your goal is to operate a home business correctly, then you must first have the correct key ingredients in place.

It’s been said that many home businesses fail because lack of, or inadequate leadership. If your seeking proper leadership in a home business, your are probably seeking the wrong ingredient. Though leadership is good, and highly necessary, when you settle for good leadership alone, you settle for the good and not the best. The good shows up at your door as a counterfeit, and you buy into it, never benefiting from the best.

I can hear you now…”Who in the world has qualified this gent to make such statements…why everyone knows that leadership if anything is a must”. I am confident that you will clearly agree with me in a few moments Here are some crucial ingredients that must be in place when considering a home business:

# 1 – The Company Must Provide a Solid Income Opportunity.

While there are many reason’s why people everywhere are starting a Home Business everyday. It is impossible not to acknowledge the truth that without a financial reward, there would be no home businesses, neither Corporate America for that matter. Yes, there is room for volunteer work, but you can’t go buy groceries with volunteered hours, you need money or a representation thereof.

Here are some keys to consider.

A) When there is a purchase of your product, or service, are you paid substantially more then it cost you to attain the purchasing customer.

B) Is the financial reward large enough for your business to almost immediately become self sustaining, and place you into immediate profits.

C) Is there a proven system in place that you can plug into and place your Business on Auto Pilot.

These are all crucial factors which will ultimately determine your success or failure. Usually when someone starts a home business, it is to make enough money to have more free time with their families. So the most important ingredient that must be addressed is the Financial Reward associated with each transaction when a purchase is made. Failure to address this can cost you so much more than you bargain for in the short run. I say short run, because there will not be a long run. You won’t make it.

# 2 – Will your leadership offer a personal hands on touch in the beginning and through out the life of your business to better ensure your success.

It’s been said that a relationship without communication is to have music without sound, you have nothing at all. This truth has been echoed by a like truth which states that communication either builds bridges or walls. I will journey quite a bit further and say that a very hands on high touch approach to communication will prove to be the most effective way of communication, thus establishing the strongest bridge that will better ensure your success.

I touched on leadership, and referred to it as the good and not the best. The key ingredient that you should look for beyond leadership, is mentorship. Think about it. Who leads the company that you now work for? Can you quote their name? But, do you know them personally? If so, chances are that the company is small, and your dreams are much bigger than any opportunity that the company could ever provide you. Either way, you get the picture. Leadership is something that in many cases will take place from a distance. While mentorship in order to be true, it must be personal.

Go to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The best of leaders when the job is done, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.
–Lao Tzu

This my friend is Mentorship!

# 3 – Is there a No Cost, Low Cost Proven Marketing System that you merely plug into.

Every business, every endeavor, every topic, whether for fun or profit only happens if it gets marketed in some way. No matter how great your business, product, or service is, if it is not effectively marketed in the proper way, then the only guarantee that you have is failure.

Don’t let this frighten you in the lease bit. Effective no cost, low cost marketing is not rocket science neither does it require 1% of the financial resources that even a measly education will cost you to attain.

We have all heard that word of mouth advertising is the most effective method of advertising. This is true for countless of reasons. However, this is not the preferred method that you and I desire to forge. Neither will it be. Take note however, that word of mouth advertising costs you nothing but a few words of recommendation, coupled with time. That’s a whole lot better than hundreds or even thousands of dollars in paid advertising with the inability to accurately determined the results.

Many of the top income earners of home business simply know how to use no cost and low cost marketing strategies’ and techniques very effectively. Take this country for example, and all the great liberties, opportunities, and resources which we enjoy everyday, because of the power of freedom. Now, consider all the possibility, opportunity, and liberty that is up for grabs in the freedom of no cost (FREE) low cost marketing. There are many home business owners who rely on no cost low cost marketing alone, some who never spend a dime on marketing, yet are generating six figures a year and some more than that. Remember the difference between you and those whom I just mentioned is the how to, the proper execution of the how to, and time.

How would you like to take control of your life, time, finances, live the life that you’ve always dreamed of, and at the same time be rewarded very handsomely for simply plugging into a proven system, which is working for thousands nationally and internationally.

For the past thirteen years I have been involved in several home businesses, seeking for ways to usher my dreams into reality. From the Health and Wellness Industry, to Positive Motivation, Legal Services, Lotions, Potions, and Pills, and everything else under the sun. During this thirteen year span, I’ve learned how to recognize a solid opportunity, the ingredients that must be in place for an everyday Joe or Sue from all walks of life to be able to plug into and have their success virtually guaranteed. I have developed a powerful system which I refer to as my ABC 123 automated Home Business system. Anyone who can say ABC 123, can plug into my Highly Simplistic Automated Custom System and have great success. It’s that easy.

I help average people from all walks of life, to walk away from their day job in 30 days or less. I accomplish this by assisting them in the development of no cost low cost custom Marketing Campaign, that works around their current schedule, and does not require a large investment of time. I then plug them into an opportunity, which leverages their efforts, by maintaining a 24 hour 7 day a week worldwide presence. This opportunity not only rewards it’s members handsomely for simply exposing a niche market to the opportunity…but it also provides a powerful informative web site, along with a six minute video which has a staggering conversion ratio. Leaving the member with the only responsibility to drive traffic to his or her web site…and this is where my Marketing System, custom tailored to their current schedule comes in.

Home Depot Construction Services

Home Depot is one of the largest box stores catering to both contractors and novices looking to build homes, or repair problems found in their home. The store has roughly 2,200 stores around the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. This big box store offers more than just tools, lumber, heavy equipment, and DIY supplies. They also offer a wealth of options to the home consumer that other stores simply do not. These extras involve expert advice and installation.

The Home Depot construction services vary from store to store, but a quick inquiry will give you what is available to you. These services can range from helping frame doors, install air conditioning units, or rental services. The rental services include carpet cleaners, electric generators and vehicles. These are crucial for consumers that don’t necessarily need to purchase industrial equipment.

Home Depot also offers vehicle rental services. Whether you’re moving, or you’re simply in need of a truck for the day, these big box retailers cater to all walks of life and offer reliable vehicles to get the project done right. Whether you’re looking to haul lumber, equipment, or are simply moving within the city, you’ll find that these construction services make it easier to get things done. You don’t have to rely on others to borrow items; you can simply go to your local store and pick one of these up. A quick inquiry at your local store will help you find what you need, without breaking the bank.

Home Security Monitoring Services – What to Expect

There is a wide variety of electronic security cameras and other monitoring devices available to protect employees, family members, and various possessions. While it is relatively easy and inexpensive to install and use your own security camera system, there are many benefits to hiring a professional security monitoring service to assist you in this process.

Wireless technology is quickly starting to become the dominant force in the industry because of the numerous advantages that it provides the consumer over the hard-wired system. They are extremely easy to set up and use, can be customized to secure just one specific area or an entire building or house, are easily concealed, and may be transported as needed.

ADT Wireless, Brink’s Home Security, and Protect America all use a combination of the latest in wireless technology and the best electronic home security products available to provide the top three electronic security monitoring service provider choices. They each provide their clients with a wide range of affordable plans to choose from, guaranteed 24/7 monitoring, one-touch access to the appropriate local emergency personnel, and professional installation.

Why should you consider using a home security monitoring service? They are especially useful on those rare occasions when you allow yourself the luxury of actually taking a vacation, or are going to be out of the house for most of the day. The monitoring service will dispatch all appropriate local emergency personnel to your residence as needed, and sometimes there is even an additional monetary benefit from signing up for this service if you already have homeowners insurance.

Most insurance companies offer their clients discounts of up to twenty percent on their payments if they are set up with a professional alarm monitoring service. Some agencies may also use the option of requiring any prospective clients to be signed up with such a service before agreeing to provide them with insurance. While this is somewhat unlikely for the average homeowner, it can be expected to be a requirement in the high crime rate areas of major cities.

One last advantage of home monitoring services is that they tend to significantly decrease the amount of false alarms. If the alarm is accidentally triggered, you will be immediately notified by the service via cell phone, e-mail, land-line, or two-way live talk. They will verify your identity, and disable the alarm.

While there are literally hundreds of ways to protect your business and home, a professional home security monitoring service such as ADT Wireless, Brink’s International, or Protect America should be strongly considered. They offer you the benefits of wireless technology combined with the best in electronic home security and 24/7 monitoring for one low monthly payment after an initial installation fee has been paid. Make a wise investment, and find an alarm monitoring service provider today.