Moms Stay Home and Write Your Way Through the Recession – Make Money at Home

Imagine yourself staying home without the nagging feeling of money. If you can write you can stay home and make money as you write your way through the recession. Stay home Moms can continue to do that and make money. Imagine maintaining your stay home lifestyle and contributing money to the budget.

Article Directories are a great source. Article Directories publish articles, like the one you’re now reading, to the internet search engines. This article was written by a stay home Mom in her sweats and ponytail. People ask search engines a question and the search engines provide the answers. These answers are very often provided by EzineArticles Directory.

How to Write and Make Money
First visit the directory site getting familiar with their site, procedures and guidelines. These sites provide all the information you need to get started. EzineArticles provides awesome videos which easily guide you through the steps. They also have a great email response team that keeps you up to speed and continually provides with up and coming knowledge as to how to best write online articles.

How to Make Money Writing Articles
As we learned earlier search engines provide people with articles written about the topic of interest. Often people search for products or services. You write articles about these topics and include affiliate links in your resources box portion of the article. People who follow these links to products and sometimes buy the product you’re promoting. You then earn a portion of the purchase price. It’s that easy.

Follow Guidelines
This is a serious profession and yet you can do this as a part-time, full-time or over-time basis. You put in as many hours as you choose. The amount of money you can make is determined by two factors;

1) The amount of knowledge you have.
– This is why it’s vital to learn about the Article Marketing Methods.
– You must know and understand the Article Directory Submission Guidelines.
2) The amount of time you commit to it.
– Time you commit to learning determines your level of skill.
– Skill always improves your earning power.
– The time you spend working builds your writing reputation.
– Time spent increases the number of articles you publish and so your search power.

To get started making the most of your time, think about the things in your life that take up your time. Pick the ones that you don’t really want to do and quit doing it. This will free up the time to start writing your way through the reces