List Building Services – How to Acquire an Instant List of People to Market To

Every entrepreneur involved in Online Marketing knows that in order to shift product they need to have hundreds, if not, thousands of people to sell to. But when they’re starting out in their home based business, there might be a distinct lack of leads in their marketing arsenal. Enter the ‘List Builders’.

A List building service is like a club; people that want to market to other people join the club and get to email to other club members. The benefit is that, as a member, they are, by default, agreeing to receive marketing mail, so anything sent to another member won’t be regarded as spam. The down side is that they’ll be flooded with marketing mail from other members doing the same thing, so unless the entrepreneur organizes their emails into folders their inbox could look very untidy indeed.

In order to market for free to other members the online marketer will have to build up credits. Credits are earned each time a piece of marketing mail is opened and the senders website visited for more than 20 seconds. While a marketer can spend time simply opening emails and remaining on the recipients site to gain credits, it can be quite a boring thing to do and many of the offers are fairly dubious. But as a free offering it can’t be beaten.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs could opt to pay for the right to market to other members, in which case they won’t have to open their emails to earn the right to market to them, and can send a message out to up to 6000 members per week. The costs for doing this vary from company to company, but for the latest prices why not visit List, Viral or Viral and start List Building today.